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commented 2017-07-16 10:25:25 +0100
My message is concerned with current and future road safety in Oxford and Britain. I am campaigning for ‘Pink Bobbie’ which are armadillo like structures to define cycle lanes and protect cyclist in built up areas. I have designed and built working prototypes and would like the future government to consider such systems to protect cyclist. I am seeking advice on how to proceed in introducing them nationwide.
commented 2017-07-16 10:21:08 +0100
Dear Mr McDonald,

As well as being a city councillor in Oxford, I am also a teacher of product design. In recent months we have witnessed several deaths involving cyclist and motorist in Oxford. I am therefore keen to introduce ‘pink bobbies’ or armadillos to clearly define cycle lanes and provide a physical barrier to protect cyclist. ‘The Pink Bobby’ was designed by myself, as a means to highlight and promote possible solutions.

I would be delighted to show you some prototypes, to elicit your feedback so we could develop the product further.
commented 2017-07-10 12:13:42 +0100
Older People’s Day, in accordance with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy:

My name is Roisin and I am a final year physiotherapy student at Teesside Uni. I am organising an event for Older peoples day on the 1st of October & I believe it is important for the local MP to attend this event. In the light of current NHS financial hardships, falls prevention & rehabilitation can help decrease the number of musculoskeletal injuries, caused by falls each year. The ageing population is increasing and physiotherapists have the skills to help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions – in turn reducing NHS costs. The event is organised and a venue has been secured in Middlesbrough. We would love to see government support at this event.

Kind regards,

Roisin Fallen-Bailey
commented 2017-06-26 17:43:51 +0100
I write as you present out only real hope for the voice of reason to be heard. Can it possibly be lawful to give what amounts to a bribe to secure an ally for the inept and ridiculously out of touch, Theresa May. I would like to know how this allegiance can possibly be allowed as there seems no control over us being co-managed and openly held to ransom !! I speak for all public sector workers who have endured zero or ineffectual pay rises for reasons of ‘no money’ bandied about yet suddenly we have a spare Billion to pay this ransom demand!! You must please stop this. Mr Cornyn must stop this egotistical and self-centred rightist regime. Thank you for listening but please, act immediately. My daughter has just informed me she doesn’t want to live here anymore and if this is how it will be – neither do I
commented 2017-06-21 23:53:21 +0100
I am writing to you first of all to congratulate you on your seat in parliament. I hope and pray you will stand up for democratic values against the serious corruption that now exists in the sitting government. I am forwarding you the Medact report that highlights the birth defects and increase in cancers that occur in communities based near fracking sites. The Medact report was the report that Lancashire county council based their democratic decision to completely ban any fracking operations in Lancashire, it can be found here:
I hope you can stand up against such deeply corrupt men like sajid javid, who, as business secretary in 2015, launched the “Cutting red tape initiative” helping to abolish all health and safety precautions in the UK , meaning there are now thousands of tower blocks that are fire hazards thanks to him. Sajid has essentially declared war on the people of Lancashire and all of England by overruling a democratically elected councils decision to ban fracking and NOT allow farmland to become permanently polluted nor birth defects in their communities.

The Unites States Geological Survey (USGS) recently announced that 3 million Americans are at severe risk of earthquakes due to fracking …can be found here:

Please get informed about the fracking industry and help us protect our childrens heritage from foreign powers (17 million Britons voted Brexit – no more immigration, no single market, no military union , no more foreign intervention in our government, Britain run by British people) and deeply evil men like sajid javid who has Londoners blood on his hands right now.

With countries like Germany now supplying a full 80% of its energy needs using renewables, we must stand against Ineos and the ministers who pocket their money for selling out the health and safety of British people.

Please help us to stand against some of these foreign agents in government who want to sell off our land, our water and future, we should consider jailing some of these treasonous ministers, especially the ones selling arms to a terrorist supporting nation like Saudi Arabia who are commiting genocide in Yemen with UK arms right now.

I pray you will stand for religious tolerance and democratic values in all countries by standing with groups “Christian Solidarity Worldwide”

“Voices in the wilderness”

Yahs blessings to you


Stephen Jones
commented 2017-06-16 01:05:10 +0100
Please could you let me know when your next surgery is so that my friend can come along and see you about a parking matter…. He lives in your constituency…thank you Sharron Garbutt…I am a member of the lobour our party and I live in Stockton north Alex Cunningham consituency
commented 2017-06-09 10:30:05 +0100
Dear Andy

My very heartiest congratulations to you on your increased majority and for the furtherance of the Labour party! Enfield and Southgate [my constituency] is a Lbour seat once more.

My very very best wishes to you and the family.

commented 2017-06-05 18:11:41 +0100
My grandchildren
commented 2017-06-02 20:58:49 +0100
Brexit is complicated, I agreed with Labour policy with Brexit and immigration issues, which we have to be careful with tariff on businesses. In the long term We can get some of our people with high skills job while working with these big businesses will one day own a business in the future with vast experience that gives more opportunities to give our children and grand children a job in the future to trade rest of the world because we able to control new immigration. I don’t trust Theresa May policy on immigration issue to win election because after 2019 there is no guarantee to get workers right another word she can lower the minimum wages to win the election to represent the big corporations therefore more people on food banks and unable to their rent. Labour manifesto is fully costed so vote Labour.
commented 2017-05-16 13:44:51 +0100
Andy, a couple of months ago I sent a suggestion to my MP George Hollingbery to enter a competition for monies available to improve transport. I put forward a suggestion that because cities are so crowded that mono rail should be used, especially in Portsmouth. HS2’s budget is over £50 BILLION pounds and rising. I believe that instead of HS2, mono rail could be used not just in our cities BUT also alongside motorways. Instead of having just HS2 crashing through the countryside just to improve one route, mono rail could run alongside motorways ( infrastructure already there )giving 4 or 5 direct high speed links to northern cities from London & the south. Mono rail is becoming more popular around the world & the UK is being left in the doldrums. I have received replies from Transport, Hampshire County Council & from UK Transport Department. Quite frankly both letters content was an insult to my intelligence.

One even mentioned as the rail was high it would be difficult for the public to get to. Can you believe it ? I was stunned with the lack of understanding of how my suggestion was reviewed, by one person only, in each case. The country needs new blood in the UK Transport Department or a NEW ’ future developments dept ’ bringing the best together from our universaties & engineering companies, such as BAE. Please have a look online at the mono rails being used in other countries. My suggestion could enhance transport in the UK, increase employment in the UK, & give the UK a new look clean transport system. If you could get this going it would be fantastic.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Taylor

Home Tel 02392 796772
commented 2017-05-16 10:24:38 +0100
On April 29th, my 18 year old daughter was brutally attacked by her boyfriend of 9 months. She has suffered some very serious injuries, including having every bone in her face broken. She has lost 10 teeth, 6 of which were retrieved from the scene and included the entire root. Her nod was cut right through the the cartilage. A cut under her bottom lip went right through to the inside of her mouth.

She spent 6 hours in surgery to repair the fractures and lacerations to her face. She remains in intensive care at James Cook University Hospital. And although she finally awoke yesterday, she remains unresponsive.

I have left my job to care for her. It is going to take a very long time before she is well. It looks like she has incurred some damage due to the brain injury she sustained and no one can say whether that will be permanent, or how severe.

She is a very popular girl, very intelligent, hardworking, caring as well as beautiful to look at. She is everything anyone could want in a daughter, friend, colleague. She has just completed her first year at Manchester Met University. She has worked part time at McDonalds since not long after leaving school. She has always done everything right.

The man that did this to her has been charged with her attempted murder and remanded in custody until the next court date which is June 5th. However, I am waiting to hear from the police as he is having an application for bail read in chambers today. The police family liaison have warned that he may well get it. This would be based on him being from a "nice " family where they all have good jobs and live in nice areas. And he has no previous. Well the same is true of my little one, whose life will never be the same because of the decisions and actions of someone who now appears to be trying to avoid the consequences of his actions. He acknowledges he did it, he just claims to not remember. He will absolutely receive a custodial sentence eventually. His bail applications cause distress to our family. I don’t understand why his lack of previous convictions has any relevance given the severity of this offence.

i believe there have been a number of cases of men on bail for abuse and assaults of a partner have murdered these women.

I have a list of “reasons” given in support of bail that I do not find acceptable or relevant;

1; The claim that he is from a well off family in which everyone has a nice house in a nice area and they all have good jobs is not a reason to grant bail. To me, all that privilege gives no excuse whatsoever for his actions and show little more than a sense of entitlement.

2: He loves his girlfriend she’s the last person he’d hurt. Well apart from the passerby and intervened and the arresting police officer he assaulted, she is the last person he hurt. This claim shows a breach of trust on his part.

3: he was under the influence of drugs. but he chose to take those drugs. And his phone records show that he is a regular user. If drink and drugs were an appropriate defence, we’d all be doing it.

4: He is well thought of at work and has made great progress and has a bright future ahead of him. Is this more important than the life of an 18 year old girl? Who also had a bright future and is an innocent victim.

5: his defence claims that esther’s family are nice people that would not want him treated too severely. We are nice people. And we wouldn’t want to see him beaten to within an inch of his life. But that’s because we’re civilised. I do feel though that he should be dealt with appropriately by the courts and given a substantial custodial sentence. But unless a judge is hearing out views from us, it should not be admissible as a reason to give him bail.

this is a very difficult time for esther and for her family and his desire to carry on working and to live with his parents should be secondary to our right to enjoy a peaceful family life and see our little girl put back together.
commented 2017-05-12 22:13:35 +0100
planning permission has been granted for five flats to be built in the garden of 80 saint barnabas road and the local residents not informed in any way, the house was purchased on November 21 2017 and application went in on 28th nov 2017 and granted on 29th nov 2017 building materials have already started arriving in bulk and the arrogant attitude taken by the owner towards me and not even making his tenant aware, looks totally wrong to me, if it is possible ,I would really appreciate a visit from you or one of your colleuges as this area is residential and not bed sit land

your faithfully

Phil Meynell

commented 2017-05-09 14:40:09 +0100
Afternoon Andy my wife and I are holding a charity event on Tuesday 16 May at 12pm and were wondering if you could possibly make a donation as it is for two charities the Neurofoundation and join dementia resarch Uk
commented 2017-05-09 09:46:26 +0100
I wish to see safer roads across the whole of the UK for the benefit of all citizens, wildlife and the environment….

For the safety and wellbeing of UK citizens and wildlife speed limits, that are set for a purpose of safety, should be enforced. This would encourage more cycling and walking that would promote the nation’s health and reduce air pollution levels that contribute to global warming and poor health.
Decades of no national enforcement of speed limits on all UK roads reflects the dangers we see on our roads today, and when the “Me before others” society that we live in today, drugs, alcohol and texting are factored in all UK roads are porentially lethal.

The most cost effective traffic calming and monitoring of speeds would be compulsory in-car technology that first audio warns drivers they are speeding or tailgating, before reporting them directly if they don’t respond positively. Then penalties should reflect the level of speeding recorded as a future deterrent. Such a device could work alongside the new eCall system that is being placed in new vehicles from 2018 to directly inform the emergency services if the vehicle is involved in a road incident.

Unfortunately communities’ fears and concerns are not given a priority before speed and collision data even in communities with a high number of elderly residents, a school and no pedestrian crossing. This is the case where I live, showing prevention of road incidents does not take presidence.

If the labour party wins the general election I hope an effective national road safety policy will be pursued in order to promote happier and healthier communities that will extend into all aspects of UK society.
commented 2017-05-02 18:05:59 +0100
really nice to meet you in person today on our doorstep in Stoneleigh Avenue, all the best
commented 2017-04-29 00:23:58 +0100
Tonight i dropt my son of in parliament road in the town it was discussing there was prostitute on the street corners there were people intimidating hanging around on street corners come on this is not boro
commented 2017-04-23 20:21:53 +0100
As you know the route for the lower Thames crossing has been announced, Which goes through Gravesend, which is very unpopular.

Now if The Labour Party, was to say NOW it would cancel this and look at the Green answer to this problem, like using different ports, and more use of freight by rail.or move it east to the M2.

Labour could win in The 8 th June election.

A Labour Party Member Kind Regards
commented 2017-04-23 08:06:14 +0100
Good Morning,

I’m following the discussions around the HS2 project, primarily concerning the environmental impacts, but also with concern over how this massive project is to be financed. I issued a FOI request asking about the financing of HS2, only to be told that HM Treasury has no information about my request! This seems to me to be one very good reason to scrap HS2. The economic case is not at all convincing. I’m not a constituent of yours, nor am I a member of any political party (although I am likely to vote Labour in June), but would like to see HS2 having a much more prominent position in current political debate. It is after all, the most expensive project ever proposed by any British Government in peacetime. It seems to me that the first of the two main parties to declare that HS2 will be scrapped will probably win the election.

Best wishes.
commented 2017-04-12 17:13:40 +0100
Dear Andy,

I think the recent bombing campaign in Syria from the West is nothing short of criminal. Do you support the bombing of Syria? I think we all realise it isn’t Assad who is gassing his own people. Even though President Trump has blamed Assad for the gas attack without any investigation, without any proof and certainly no backing from the UN Security Council.

It’s yet another proxy war, a false flag so the Americans can remove Assad from power, replace him with one of their own and take full control of Syria’s natural resources, just like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. During those campaigns over 1M have been killed including many innocent civilians.

It’s time to STOP bombing Syria! Stop blaming Assad and the Russians when it is clearly America, UK, Israel, Germany, France and Turkey who are killing innocent civilians in yet another fake War.

We all know it’s about the two Pipelines so where is the honesty?

Any response would be gratefully received.

Many thanks
commented 2017-03-25 14:40:13 +0000
Bit of advice needed please : I have just received a fine off NHS for dental treatment I have a medical exemption certificate so I phoned the help line and they said that my certificate does not cover dental treatment. ( which I obviously did not know. My disability requires me to do most day to day activities with my mouth picking things up and carrying things my mouth is in constant use. ( not only for talking which I can talk for England ) this obviously puts a massive strain on my teeth and I try to keep them in as good shape as I can but surely a medical exemption certificate should cover me and help keep my independence as long as possible. I use an implant that goes in my mouth and I use that to pull my fly down so I can go to the loo, picking up a cup/glass to drink, pulling on my clothes ( all basic human necessity) and over the years it has taken its toll on my teeth If people with poorly feet need specialist shoes they can get them on the NHS so surely my disability should cover me for free dental care. Is there any way that you could take this up with one or more of your colleagues and help me out asap before they put more late payment fines on top
commented 2017-03-24 22:21:19 +0000
Please can I get your support behind the ‘Animal Cruelty (Sentencing) Bill 2016-17’ private members bill which is due for a 2nd reading in commons on 12.05.2017, so long as this is not again filibustered by pathetic excuses of MPs.

I am sure you recall the news articles about Scamp the dog which reached national interest where the people involved only received 4 months each, which is appalling given the case.
commented 2017-03-22 16:17:00 +0000
Good afternoon Mr mcdonald I am in the process of looking for sponsorship as am hoping to do a charity fundraising event by skydiving on behalf of the Neurofoundation and I have a justifying page so would be grateful for any donation. I also did a coffee morning last year on behalf of the same charity Gerald Barrass
commented 2017-03-19 22:10:08 +0000
Andy, please can you confirm the status of the negligence and damages bill which was due to have a second reading may 2016.

What can I do personally to help push and support the change uk citizens seek in this unfair and outdated act?
commented 2017-03-06 23:25:59 +0000
Good Evening,

Please could you advise if Andy McDonald – MP will be holding any surgeries during March?


commented 2017-03-04 14:29:36 +0000
I have contributed to a Womens Quilt in memory of women killed as a result of Domestic violence. Each square features the name of the victim and has been a joint effort. I heard about it on a FB page. ( The women’s Quilt)

It is being unveiled in Westminster Hall @ House of Commons at 11am Wednesday ( international Women’s day)

It would be great if you could drop by to show support for victims of DM at some point to see the quilt ( and maybe post a pic on your website or Facebook page. Unfortunately I am unable to be there in person.
commented 2017-03-03 12:50:37 +0000
I am contacting you in your role as Shadow transport minister. South Yorkshire Freedom riders have been campaigning for 3 years to regain free local train travel in South Yorkshire the same as elderly have in Manchester, Liverpool, West Midlands and London. Last year Jeremy Corbyn kindly sent us a message of support and spoke positively about us at a rally in Barnsley.

We are having a 3rd year anniversary rally on Monday March 27th at Sheffield train station at 12 noon. Would you, or a colleague, be able to come to speak to that rally about Labour policy on public transport and care for pensioners? If not would it be possible to send a message to be read out?
commented 2017-02-23 09:50:52 +0000
Writing to you as an LP member and in your Shadow Transport role, at Ann Black’s suggestion, seeking a meeting. I’ve spent 4.5 years researching the cosy relationship between the DfT and Govia, (you may have seen me on Panorama on 7th November) and exposed deceit and falsehoods authorised and endorsed by Philip Rutnam, the non-independence of IPFAS – which the DfT has agreed in writing makes money for Govia execs personally, the conflict of interest of Peter Wilkinson, the cover up of the whole shameful management contract that is GTR, and the illegitimate use of penalty fares legislation to impose £250 charges on passengers by not giving a penalty fare – all with Philip Rutnam’s knowledge and endorsement. Chris Grayling and Paul Maynard are also all aware of this cover up and relationship – and have refused to do anything. The cover up and protection for Philip Rutnam is at the highest levels in the Civil Service.
commented 2017-02-15 15:36:41 +0000
Dear Andy

I am writing to you to make a very bitter complaint about my Landlords Erimus Housing, who are part of the 13 Group.

Myself and my family have been in our current property since June last year, and we have had nothing but issues with the house, and representatives. We have issues with the boiler since we have moved in, and now we are having to wait till March, for someone just to come and look.

Plus, we had a new bath put in in August, and tiles were removed by the 13 representative, and we have now been told, seven months later, that they don’t know if they will replace.

I am appalled that me and my family have been treated like this, and would ask for your intervention on this.

Yours sincerely,

Cashel Mulgrew
commented 2017-02-14 17:08:04 +0000
My mother, age 90 (same as the queen) was refused cancer surgery at James Cook by a committee, based upon three medical issues. As a doctor living in Canada but trained in UK, I easily pointed out that these were not reasons to refuse the surgery and as a result she is now getting an anaesthetic opinion for fitness of surgery, not palliative radiotherapy. I have complained to PALS about this, and asked how many other older patients are being written off by this committee without an adequate assessment? Please contact me for further details
commented 2017-01-31 21:29:14 +0000
My esa for bereavement and depression has been stopped over a work assessment, I have a Baby n I’m now diagnosed of a psychologist with PTSD Complex Grief SEvere anxiety depression and raynalds disease I made a mandatory reconsideration sending proof of diagnosis n they haven’t changed there mind
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