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PM steel site visit far too little, far too late

The Prime Minister has some nerve by coming back to the scene of the crime. The people of Teesside know that the steelworks could have been saved and her government stood idly by and watched over 3000 people needlessly lose their jobs. She should be ashamed. This is nothing more than closing the stable door well after the horse has bolted.

This government originally appointed a party grandee with no money and no power who would occasionally turn up on Teesside to tell the people of our area what we already know- that there is huge potential here and communities which are full of talented, skilled people with a tremendous work ethic.

But we don’t need warm words and platitudes from powerless ex-ministers in their dotage. We don’t want glossy brochures or more reports commissioned. We need action - and the people of Teesside won’t be fooled by another photo op for this Prime Minister to rehash the past. We remember the last Tory Prime Minister who visited an industrial wilderness on Teesside that was entirely of her own making - good photographs maybe, but lousy Industrial policy.

Teesside needs a Labour government with a genuinely interventionist industrial policy. A Labour government that will invest in industry when it is required and secure existing jobs whilst supporting and nurturing the hi-tech industries of the future. Until that happens visits like this are just a sideshow from a government that long since lost the faith of the people of our area and has zero credibility.



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