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Reality check needed for MP James Wharton over Boundary Review

I'm amazed at claims made by James Wharton, the MP for the neighbouring Stockton South constituency, over the Boundary Review. I think he needs a reality check .

Mr Wharton accuses Labour of wanting to amalgamate Yarm and Middlesbrough. This is rich coming from a local Tory as it is his own government which is responsible for this preposterous exercise in the first place.

The only reason that Labour have had to propose any new boundaries at all is because Mr Wharton’s government have insisted on a  Boundary Review deliberately initiated to try and damage Labour.

I note that Mr Wharton has nothing to say about the fact that 2 million registered voters have not been included in the process.

Indeed, if it wasn’t for the exclusion of those voters and the ludicrously inflated number of electors that must live within each new constituency there would be no need to suggest linking Yarm and Middlesbrough.”

This is a situation entirely of his own government’s making. By disenfranchising millions of registered voters and seeking to delete and break up dense urban constituencies mostly represented by Labour MP’s, we have been left in an impossible position.

It is also important to remember that the Labour Party’s proposals actually meet the Boundary Commissions own criteria much more closely than the Commission’s own initial attempt. A fact that Mr Wharton has conveniently decided to overlook.


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