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STDC 'launch' simply more government window dressing

The Prime Minister should be ashamed of her so-called ‘launch’ event yesterday. Yet again instead of action we have simply seen more window-dressing from this government.

There is no clear direction as to how projects will develop on the former Steelworks site. This is a government with zero credibility on Teesside and zero clue.

The announcement yesterday devolves responsibility for clearing the former industrial sites to the Combined Authority and as usual we see nothing even vaguely resembling a plan for the future. Local communities are told ‘it’s over to you’ after this whole tragic episode could have been avoided.

This government stood idly by whilst over 3000 people needlessly lost their jobs and now local representatives are being asked to clean up their mess.

No doubt the new Tees Valley Mayor, seen grinning like a Cheshire cat throughout the event, thinks this is a fantastic deal for the Tees Valley. Well we know that it is not. The government is running to the hills and leaving us to pick up the tab for their mistakes.



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