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Do NOT admit older patients to superbug-ridden hospitals that kill them.

My brother died recently in hospital. Within 3 weeks of entering the hospital for treatment on his pancreas he had contacted the pneumonia superbug. He was transferred to a hospital with isolation wards and became severely sleep deprived through "observation" tests ie BP Temperature etc. These tests were performed every twenty minutes, 24 hours a day and he never slept properly until he died fourteen weeks later. This sleep deprivation torture affected his physical and mental health and allowed the pneumonia superbug to get on top several times. His lungs were drained several times until the surgeons decided he was better off getting rid of the fluid naturally by evaporation. So my brother was left half-drowning in his own bodily fluids and was given pure oxygen. Later on he sustained an internal bleed. He died the next day during the investigative operation held the day after the biggest boozing festival in the UK. On boxing day. There is a lot more to this story including cover-ups by the Coroners department citing his death as being by natural causes. I suppose hospital superbugs are natural causes. He won't be on the "hospital deaths of older people admitted without a life-threatening disease" statistics board, where he should be.

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